What is the proportion of corona cases in each cities of Punjab? Statistics released

Lahore: Which cities in Punjab are most affected by the corona epidemic? The report has raised concerns.

According to the details, various cities of Punjab have been reported to be infected with the Coronavirus. Lahore has been declared the most affected among the 36 districts of Punjab. The report said that half of the total cases and deaths in Punjab have been reported.

According to the report, Lahore has the highest number of coronary cases and deaths among all the cities of Punjab while Narowal has the lowest number of corona cases.

According to the report, Rawalpindi is second only to Lahore in positive cases of the corona, where 11695 people are affected by the global epidemic. Similarly, among corona affected cities, Multan is third with 8262 cases, Faisalabad fourth with 6943 cases, and Gujranwala fifth with 4232 cases, and Gujarat is sixth with 3445.

According to the report, after corona, Lahore, the highest number of deaths occurred in Rawalpindi. So far, 546 deaths have been reported in Rawalpindi due to the global epidemic. Faisalabad is in third position with 284 deaths.

The overall rate of positive corona cases in the country:

On the other hand, a statement issued by the NCOC said that the overall rate of positive cases in the country is 6.59 percent, the highest rate of positive cases in the country at present is 20.88 percent in Karachi while the lowest rate of positive cases is 1.23 percent in Gilgit Baltistan.

According to the National Command and Control Center, the rate of positive corona cases in Azad Kashmir is 8.70%, in Islamabad, it is 4.27%, in Rawalpindi, it is 9.94%, in Faisalabad it is 2.36% and in Multan, it is 1.90%.

In terms of provinces, Sindh has 12.91 percent positive corona cases, Balochistan 10.48 percent, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 4.12 percent positive corona cases. The NCOC also expressed concern over the fact that the number of coronary heart disease patients is increasing rapidly across the country, with the current number of coronary heart disease patients in the country at 2,470.

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