What feelings do people near death experience?

Scientists are constantly trying to find out what kind of experiences people who are dying face. What do the majority of people who are dying see? What do they feel?

It is not possible to know the final answer to these questions, but efforts are still being made.
A similar detailed study was recently conducted by researchers at Laigi University and Luigi University Hospital in Belgium, the results of which were published in the journal Frontiers of Neurosciences.

This was the first detailed study in this regard and it was discovered that near-death people face 4 major events.

A sense of relief

Feelings of peace and tranquility may not be expected in dying people, but 80% of those surveyed reported this feeling. People have a great deal of fear of death, but researchers say that a sense of relief is most common among those dying.

Too much light

Much has been said about this before, but research has shown that seeing light at the mouth of a tunnel is not the most common experience among dying people.

However, 69% of those surveyed reported such an experience, but it is not yet clear why this happens. One idea is that a lack of oxygen in the body may be the cause, while others say it may be the result of some kind of brain activity that occurs when death approaches.

Seeing the dead

The study found that 64% of near-death spirits are visible at the time of death. Some reported seeing people from their past, while others reported experiencing some kind of ghost front.

The experience of getting out of the body

Whatever the reason for the soul leaving the body to see the world, research has found that 36% of people have this kind of experience.

In fact, research has shown that such an experience is the last to happen to those who have died.                                                                                                    Experiences near-death indicate an understanding of separation from the body, the researchers said.

The most common timeline

However, the study reported different experiences of people approaching death, but only 22% of volunteers showed the same timeline.

Usually, this timeline begins with the experience of the soul coming out of the body, followed by light in the tunnel and then a feeling of calm.

Other experiments

Apart from the 4 most common experiences, some people also reported different aids such as moving towards a border or a place from which it is not possible to return (40%), feeling of harmony (14%), constant view (4%). Percent (and yes) watching your life unfold before your eyes (16 percent).

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