What exactly does ‘mera jism, meri marzi?’ Mean? Mahira Khan told

While superstar’ actress Mahira Khan is known for her outspokenness on social issues, she is known not only for raising her voice for women’s rights but also for her struggle for their rights.

For the past few years, Mahira Khan has also appeared in the Women’s March, which is held every year on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Which has led to her being criticized.

However, she has now answered the question of why she goes to the Women’s March’ and what difference does it make if she leaves.

Talking to Meera Sethi, Mahira Khan not only explained the reason for her participation in the Women’s March. But also said that during the conversation, including showbiz career and personal life, who is the best man in her eyes?

Mahira Khan
Speaking on the occasion, Mahira Khan said that she had set up a website called ‘Mission‘ so that she could talk about the issues facing women there.

According to the actress, after creating the website, she realized that there are many issues before talking about them. She thinks long and hard about which issues can be discussed and which ones cannot.


In response to a question, the actress said that in the showbiz industry. Every actress is advised on which issues she can talk about and which ones she cannot.

According to Mahira Khan, she was told that she could not talk about her marriage, divorce. And having a son and was even told how she could share photos on social media.
However, the actress did not explain who gave her such advice and why.

In response to another question, he said what kind of men and women he likes.

According to Mahira Khan, she likes men and women with whom the other person is at ease and can live life without trouble. And a man who has a good sense of humor and respects women with all his heart.

In reply to another question, Mahira Khan said that no co-star has ever said anything wrong to her and she is very happy about it.

When asked about participating in and supporting the Women’s March’. Mahira Khan said that she goes to the Women’s March’ because she thinks that her departure will have an effect.

Women March

According to Mahira Khan, she thinks that the people who love her. And her followers will support her in the Women’s March’ by seeing her in ‘Aurat March’. Because her fans will think that when they can do Mahira, why? no?

The actress further clarified the issue that just as the media needs women to come to Mahira Khan in March. Their news package should be made. So they also need to convey their message to the people through this news package. Is.

Talking about the slogans of ‘Women’s March’. She clarified that their meaning is misunderstood and these slogans are misused on social media.

According to Mahira Khan, a lot of misinformation is spread about the ‘Women’s March’. And people think that the ‘Women’s March’ means that women will be torn to pieces.

According to the actress, it is completely wrong that ‘Women’s March’ does not mean that women will tear their clothes and sit down.

According to Mahira Khan, ‘My body, my will’ does not mean that women will sit with their clothes torn. But it does mean that a woman is also a perfect human being and she has the right to see anyone’s body. So they stopped him from looking at his body.

According to Mahira Khan, ‘my body, my will’ means that if someone is trying to touch a woman and she feels bad. She can report against him, but if the woman does not feel wrong. no problem.

Mahira Khan said that misinformed voices are given more importance in the context of Women’s March’.

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