What did AR Rehman’s mother request before the release of the first film?

India: Leading Indian musician and singer Allah Rakha Rehman (AR Rehman) is one of the artists who has achieved success after a hard struggle.

The Oscar-winning musician and singer is also one of the few Indian artists to introduce India to the world of music.

However, despite many successes, 31 years later, AR Rehman‘s conversion to Islam is still a major media topic.

It may be recalled that at the age of 23, Dilip Kumar had converted to Islam along with his family and was named Allah Rakha Rehman.

Her father had passed away a few years ago but her mother had also converted to Islam and her name was Karima Begum. Karima Begum also passed away last month.

AR Rehman has revealed in his autobiography that after converting to Islam in 1989 when he was doing his first big project for the Tamil film ‘Roja’ released in 1992, he changed his name from Dilip Kumar to Allah Rakha Rehman.

According to the autobiography, shortly before the release of the first film, his mother, the late Karima Begum, insisted that his new name should be added to the film’s credit, which is very important for his son’s personality.

After which, at the very last moment, with the credit of the film, his name was changed from Dilip Kumar to Allah Rakha Rehman.

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