UAE announces to grant citizenship to talented and skilled foreigners-Read

Dubai: The United Arab Emirates has announced the granting of citizenship to foreign businessmen, medical professionals, scientists, writers, and talented professionals.

On social networking site Twitter, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, announcing the granting of citizenship to foreigners, wrote: “We have amended the law to allow investors, medical experts, scientists, engineers, artists, writers or foreigners with special skills and their families will be granted citizenship.

In another tweet, the UAE vice-president described the procedure, saying that the UAE cabinet, UAE courts, and executive councils would nominate foreigners belonging to the said sectors for citizenship while acquiring UAE citizenship. Foreigners who do so will also be allowed to hold the citizenship of their homeland.

It should be noted that this amendment to the law in the United Arab Emirates also includes the option of dual citizenship for foreigners. The purpose of this amendment is to involve people with extraordinary abilities in the development and construction of the country and to ensure the social stability of these people.


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