The woman who beat cancer, is now ready to become an astronaut-Read

Texas: Brave girl Haley Arsenal is now ready to become the youngest astronaut to go into space from a private company. He is currently a medical assistant at St. Jude’s Hospital.

She will now go into space under a project called Inspiration Four for citizens by a private company. None of the four astronauts are regularly trained astronauts. In October 2021, she will go into space with Jared Isaac Mann, CEO of Shift Four Payments. Jared will cover all their expenses. Jared wants to raise 200 million for his hospital from this mission.

But when Haley received the offer from his company, the plan was a secret. If successful, she would become America’s youngest astronaut. She will also be the first astronaut to recover from childhood cancer.

Not only that, but she will be the first astronaut with an artificial leg. In this way, his obsession shows that the battle of space can be fought even with the defeat of cancer and prosthesis.

Haley’s effort will illuminate the concept of space travel for people with disabilities, as it has long been thought that people with disabilities cannot become astronauts. In this way, Haley will represent prostheses and cancer survivors.

Haley was diagnosed with thigh bone cancer at the age of ten, after which she was fitted with an artificial bone and underwent chemotherapy for a year.

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