The value of the bitcoin exceeded 50,000$

Lahore: The value of the world-famous cryptocurrency bitcoin has crossed  50,000$.

According to media reports, a few days ago, the world’s richest man Elon Musk’s car company Tesla had said that in January 2021, he had bought 1.5 billion dollars worth of corrupt currency.

After the announcement of Tesla, the price of bitcoin increased significantly and one bitcoin touched the limit of  44,000.

Now the cryptocurrency has crossed another milestone and the price of a bitcoin has exceeded  50,000$, meaning that the price of a bitcoin in Pakistani currency has exceeded Rs. 8 million.
The price of a bitcoin reached  50,191 during trading on Tuesday, this year the price of a bitcoin has risen 73 percent.

In the last quarter of last year, the price of bitcoin had increased by 140% and one coin had reached  29,000, while a few days ago the price of bitcoin had reached 40,000.

Experts say that one of the world’s largest companies, Tesla’s investment in bitcoin could be a game-changer.

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