The price of a salmon in the United States has exceeded two barrels of oil-Read

Alaska: Fear of fish, prawns, and other seafood are now sterile to Americans who fear the onslaught of code 19 and coronavirus. Since then, their use has multiplied, and even the price of Alaska’s famous King Salmon has exceeded the price of double a barrel of oil.

An average of 11 pounds of King Saman currently sells for 11 116, while in the United States, two barrels of oil cost about 5 115 and 40 cents. Since then, online seafood orders have reached record sales of 1 billion. On the other hand, the sale of fresh and frozen seafood in the markets and malls has multiplied.

Sales of fresh seafood in stores increased by 28% (87 871 million) and salmon by 19% ( 2.2 billion), according to IRI, the worldwide watchdog for seafood sales. ۔ Sales of fresh crabs increased by 62%.

Thus, the total sales of frozen seafood have increased by 35% to 7 7 billion. Among them, sales of frozen shrimp have increased by 48%.

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