Terrible earthquake in the Pacific Ocean,threat in Australia and New Zealand-Read

Sydney: Countries in the region have been warned of a tsunami alert following a magnitude 7.7 earthquake in the South Pacific.

According to a foreign news agency, the US Geological Survey said that between Wednesday and Thursday night, a magnitude 7.7 earthquake struck at Wau, 415 km east of New Caledonia. The US Government’s Tsunami Warning Center issued a tsunami alert following the quake.

The warning said strong waves were expected from Fiji, New Zealand, and Veneto, a country of 80 small islands. According to the Fiji Meteorological Department, the waves hit the country’s shores at a height of 0.3 meters.

The Australian Meteorological Department also confirmed the tsunami. The Meteorological Department also issued a tsunami alert to residents of Lord Howe Island.

On the other hand, the New Zealand Emergency Management Agency has also issued a statement instructing the people living in the coastal areas to evacuate. The statement said that after the 7.7 magnitude earthquake, unusually high waves could hit the coastal areas.

A tsunami triggered by a magnitude 9.1 earthquake on the Indonesian island of Sumatra in 2004 killed 220,000 people in the region.

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