Saudi business woman set an example by marrying a Pakistani driver

A Saudi business woman married Pakistani driver Sahoo bint Abdullah Al-Mahboob.

According to details, a Saudi businesswoman with a fortune of 8 8 billion set an example by marrying a modest Pakistani driver Sahoo bint Abdullah Al-Mahboob.

The Saudi businesswoman owns residential properties and hotels in Medina, as well as towers in France.

It should be noted that Saudi businesswomen recently tied the knot with a driver from Pakistan.

On the other hand, there are no details on the internet about the Pakistani driver with whom the woman is married, including her name, and when searched on Google, the name of a wealthy Arab businesswoman by the name of Sahoo bint Abdullah Al-Mahboob does not appear.

In fact, when you search the name on Google, the search results will take you to the websites where the news about the marriage of this woman and man has been published.

Many people on Twitter have called the news fake. According to some websites, this is a video of a normal wedding in Saudi Arabia, with people entering fake details and making it viral on social media.

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