Russia’s efforts for peace in Afghanistan, Pakistan will attend the Moscow summit-Read

ISLAMABAD: Russia has also begun efforts to bring peace to Afghanistan after a stalemate in the implementation of the Doha agreement between the United States and the Taliban. The recent visit of Russian President Putin’s special envoy Zamir Kabulov to Islamabad wants to set up a joint mechanism for peace in Afghanistan by convening a regional summit in Moscow by the end of the month. Pakistan has also been invited to attend the meeting, which Pakistan has accepted. The other countries invited to the meeting include the United States, China, and Iran.

Russia wants to establish an all-party interim government through negotiations between Afghan groups and is working to build a broader consensus in the region. Although the Pakistani government is yet to attend the meeting, no official announcement has been made but diplomatic sources have told the Express Tribune that Pakistan will support all efforts for peace in Afghanistan.

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According to sources, it is not yet clear whether the United States will attend the meeting or not, but the participation of Iran and China is certain. The Afghan government’s participation in the Moscow summit is not yet clear, as Russia’s proposal to form an all-party interim government in Afghanistan was met with a backlash from President Abdul Ghani’s government. Elected for five years.

There is a broad consensus on the Afghan peace process in Russia, Pakistan, China, and Iran, all four countries seeking a political solution to the problem and recognizing the Taliban as a political reality. They have also agreed that Afghanistan should not be plunged into civil war again as it could pose a threat to the rest of the region. The United States and the Afghan government say the Taliban have not fully implemented the Doha agreement, but Russia says the Taliban are abiding by it.


The Taliban also says that the proof of their implementation of the agreement is that not a single US soldier has been killed in Afghanistan since the agreement was signed on February 29 last year. Negotiations between Russia and the Taliban 2018 The US delegation also attended the meeting as an observer when the Taliban delegation visited Moscow. Under the Doha agreement, the United States has until May 1 to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, but the agreement has yet to be finalized. The new US administration has announced that it will review the agreement.

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