Pakistan supports US presence in Afghanistan till political agreement-Read

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan supports US presence in Afghanistan until a political agreement is reached through intra-Afghan talks.

Officials said yesterday that NATO defense ministers are preparing for a key meeting this week to decide whether to withdraw troops from war-torn Afghanistan by May, as NATO officials have already indicated. They cannot withdraw troops until May 1 because of the ground situation.

The new Biden administration is currently reviewing the Trump administration’s agreement with the Afghan Taliban a year ago, but the Afghan Taliban warned US and NATO forces in a statement on Saturday that they would “occupy” their territory. Don’t promote.

On Sunday, on the 32nd anniversary of the Soviet withdrawal, the Taliban issued another statement threatening to have serious consequences for prolonging the deployment of foreign troops. Pakistan is keeping a close eye on any developments that What the new US administration and NATO defense ministers decide because it will have a direct impact on Afghanistan, Pakistan not only facilitated the Taliban-US agreement but also played the same role in the intra-Afghan negotiations.

A senior Pakistani official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said, “We do not want this opportunity to be wasted. We want all parties to abide by the agreement. Pakistan wants a systematic and responsible withdrawal of US and other international forces.” Yes, he said, the most important thing is not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Officials say Pakistan is in contact with the Biden administration, as well as other countries in the region, including China, Russia and Iran, to reach a consensus on the current situation.

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