Murder of Osama Satti in Islamabad: police records sealed

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Police have sealed all the records related to the murder of 21-year-old Osama Satti on the morning of January 2 under the direction of senior officers.

Police officers told on condition of anonymity that the records had been sealed because of discrepancies.

Two records show that the police managed to stop the youth’s vehicle.

According to communication records, a man in a white car was heading towards Golra on the Kashmir Highway after the crime, and an order was issued to block the road.

Sources said the record showed a vehicle heading towards the police lines from the G-10 signal, a sub-inspector who was among the officers who shot the youth, spotted the vehicle near the G-10 signal was stopped.

Another 2 a.m. record revealed that the car was stopped and stopped at the G-10 signal.

Police opened fire on the car, killing the teen in the car.

According to another record at 2 pm, police opened fire on a car in G-10, which was heading towards Peshawar’s turn.

Meanwhile, a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) formed by Chief Commissioner Islamabad Amir Ali Ahmed began investigating the case.

The JIT recorded the statements of five police officials arrested in the case.

The team is headed by Superintendent of Police President Zone Sarfraz Work and includes SDPO Ramna Zulfiqar Ahmed, DSP Investigation Nawaz Bhatti, Hakeem Khan, SHO Ramna Turab Al Hassan, and representatives of intelligence agencies.

The team also visited the site and inspected the area and inspected the youth’s car with the help of the National Forensic and Science Agency (NFSA).

The NFSA will submit a report to the JIT in a week on the bullet-proof bullets on the vehicle and their marks.

Besides, a judicial inquiry into the incident has also been started in the direction of the commissioner.

Additional District Magistrate Rana Muhammad Waqas is conducting an inquiry. He also recorded the statements of police officials and inspected the site.

In March 2020, Islamabad police killed two people, Osama Satti and Amir Waheed, and injured two others, Shehryar and Faisal Malik.

There has been no judicial investigation so far and police are still claiming that he was shot and wounded by the robbers, who was also a police officer.

When Faisal Satti and Mazhar Satti, relatives of the two victims, were contacted, they told Dawn that the police had now admitted their involvement and decided to pay them Diyat and compensation.

He said senior police officers met the family several times five months after the incident and apologized.

He also challenged the police officials and informed the family that the weapon used in the incident has been recovered.

He said senior officials had asked the family to settle the matter instead of pursuing the case.

Also in November 2020, a man was killed in police custody and a judicial inquiry into the incident was ordered, which is still pending.

Condemnation of the parliamentary committee

The Senate Standing Committee on Home Affairs in a meeting with Senator Rehman Malik condemned the killing of a young Islamabad policeman.

Apart from Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, other people also attended the meeting.

Rehman Malik said that the Islamabad police is considered as ideal police but such incidents tarnish the image of the entire institution.

He directed that the incident be investigated from all angles and a report be submitted to the committee within 10 days.

On the other hand, the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Admission directed the police to share the details of the JIT report with the parliamentary committee.

In a meeting chaired by Raja Khurram Shehzad Nawaz, Deputy Inspector General (Operations) Waqar Uddin Syed informed the committee about the incident.

He said that a police mobile van had received a wireless message that a robbery had taken place in H-11 and the accused had managed to escape in a white vehicle.

Unfortunately, Osama Satti was also driving a white car with tinted windows.

Police officials familiar with the robbery tried to stop the vehicle but could not stop, so police opened fire to stop it, killing the youth.

The National Assembly committee was assured that the inquiry would be conducted purely on merit.

The meeting was also attended by the legal heirs of the deceased

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