Interesting information about Maqam E Ibrahim

Makkah: In the courtyard of the Masjid al-Haram, in front of the Kaaba. So there is a dome with a golden lattice which is called Maqam e Ibrahim. It is a very sacred place for Muslims, but do you know what is inside it? Let us give you some interesting information about it.

If we read the history of Maqam e Ibrahim, we find that at this place there is the stone on which the most chosen servant of God as Hazrat Ibrahim (as) stood and built the Kaaba.

This sacred stone of Maqam e Ibrahim bears the footprints of Hazrat Ibrahim (as). So it is covered with a copper shell to protect it.


An interesting report published in states that the blessed stone is inside the pillar that has been built to protect the place of Ibrahim. The area of this place is eighteen square meters. Historically, many aspects of Ibrahim’s place have been renovated, but the last time it was repaired was in 1387 AH.

The dome of the minaret built at Ibrahim weighs one kilogram seven hundred and fifty grams, the height is one point thirty meters, the lower diameter is forty and the upper diameter is twenty centimeters.

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