Dilip Kumar Had Left Saira Banu On His Engagement Day For His Ex-Read

Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu are among the legends of the entertainment industry. Their loving chemistry and bonding is an example for all true lovers. 

The duo remained together and witnessed both good and tough times together. However, their love for each other is never-ending. 

However, Saira ji has recently revealed something interesting. She revealed that the ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ actor had left Saira Ji as his ex-girlfriend took sleeping pills. 

Recently, in an interview with The Times Of India, Saira ji shared the details of that day. The veteran actress said, “The day we got engaged, one girl- not from the industry- who was supposedly his girlfriend and had been almost up to the altar with him, took sleeping pills. Dilip saab had to rush to her and make her understand that he’s in love with me. He pacified her and came back to the engagement ceremony. I got sort of used to such things. Some girls would stand in front of his car and wish that the car runs over them.”


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