Bahrain Follows UK Permits The Use Of Pfizer Vaccine -Read

As per the reports, Bahrain is the second country in the world to permit the use of the country’s Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine.

On Friday, the state-run media announced that that the approval was granted after a detailed examination and evaluation of the available data by the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) of Bahrain.

Dr. Mariam Al Jalahma CEO of NHRA said “The approval of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine will add a further important layer to the Kingdom’s national COVID-19 response, which has strongly prioritized protecting the health of all citizens and residents during the pandemic.”

However, Lindsey Dietschi, the Gulf Cluster Lead of Pfizer was quoted by BNA as a “historic moment in the fight against COVID-19”.


“This authorization is a goal we have been working toward since we first declared that science will win, and we applaud the National Health Regulatory Authority in the kingdom of Bahrain for their ability to conduct a careful assessment and take timely action to help protect the people of Bahrain,” says Dietschi

Moreover, the Kingdom also permitted the application of Sinopharm for its health workers last month.

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