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The price of a salmon in the United States has exceeded two barrels of oil-Read

Alaska: Fear of fish, prawns, and other seafood are now sterile to Americans who fear the onslaught of code 19 and coronavirus. Since then, their use has multiplied, and even the price of Alaska's famous King Salmon has exceeded the price of double a barrel of oil.

President Tayyip Erdogan rejected the US statement on the killing of Turkish citizens-Read

ANKARA: Turkey's foreign office has summoned the US ambassador over the conditional condemnation of the killing of its officials by Kurdish rebels.

Pakistan supports US presence in Afghanistan till political agreement-Read

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan supports US presence in Afghanistan until a political agreement is reached through intra-Afghan talks.

Trump’s acquittal undermines democracy, says Biden-Read

WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden has accused the Senate of impeaching former President Trump, saying it undermines democracy in the country.

The missile drone could be launched from the air-Read

Washington DC: The US Defense Research Organization (DARPA) has begun work on a new long-range drone, which will be equipped with missiles and can be released from a plane flying high.

The US Senate has approved the impeachment of former President Trump-Read

Washington: The US Senate has approved the impeachment of former President Donald Trump.

Trump refuses to appear in impeachment trial-Read

Former United States President Donald Trump has rejected a call by Democrats to take the oath of office and appear in court.

The United States also came to the fore in the wake of the martial law in Myanmar-Read

Washington (Web Desk) - US President Joe Biden has condemned martial law in Myanmar and threatened sanctions.

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