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Discovery of the farthest ‘small planet’ in the solar system-Read

Hawaii: This is a small planetoid with a diameter of only about 400 km. Its current distance from the Sun is about 20 billion kilometers, or 132 times greater than the Earth's, which is why scientists have dubbed it "far out".

Instagram will soon start live streaming to many people-Read

Bombay: Instagram has announced that it will be offering live streaming to more than one person in the next few weeks.

Pakistan successfully tests 5G technology

Pakistan has successfully tested modern internet technology 5G. The experiment was conducted at the headquarters of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited.

Chinese spacecraft ready to land on Mars-Read

Beijing: After the UAE space mission this year, China's second mission has now become a regular part of the Martian orbit.

6 Technologies Coming to the Farming Industry in 2021-Read

It’s no secret that the rapid pace of technological development and discovery will continue to revolutionize virtually every industry in the coming decade. 

The world’s first seven-screen laptop for sale-Read

London: A British company has built a unique laptop in the world which has not one, not two but seven display screens that can be used for very serious tasks.

Military coup in Myanmar; Social media was blocked after public pressure-Read

All social media apps, including Facebook, were blocked during a campaign against the military coup in Myanmar.

Partial success in awakening two comatose patients with ultrasound-Read

Berkeley, California: Patients in a long coma often find it very difficult to regain consciousness. However, thanks to special ultrasound, there has been a partial success in awakening two patients by activating their brain parts.

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