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Tragedy Army Public School

Sometimes there are tragedies in the lives of nations that cannot be forgotten. The most difficult test is for children. What happened to us ordinary human beings? It also happened to the Holy Prophets. I often had a heartache in my heart that I do not have children, why God has deprived me of this blessing, he is merciful and compassionate, there is no shortage of his treasures I was kind of impatient when I saw his lap sleeping. If children can be obtained from Allah and Allah can also take them back. This world is not a place to be loved.

Karachi is left behind, which city of the country is most affected by Corona?

Hyderabad became the worst affected area in the country from Corona with a positive case rate of 22.45%.

New cases of corona have come to light in Punjab

In the last 24 hours, 329 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in Punjab province and 14 epidemic patients have died.

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