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What feelings do people near death experience?

Scientists are constantly trying to find out what kind of experiences people who are dying face. What do the majority of people who are...

Imran Hashmi called Bollywood a ‘fake industry’-Read

Mumbai: Actor Imran Hashmi, who has played a bold role in Bollywood, says that Bollywood is a fake industry.

India’s central bank influenced by Pakistani ‘party girl’-Read

Mumbai: Inspired by the Pakistani 'Party Girl', the State Bank of India has launched a campaign for consumers on social media.

Elon Musk: Pooja Batra started reciting poems by sharing a photo with the richest person in the world

Actress Pooja Batra attended an event in 2016 where other celebrities, including Hollywood movie stars, were also present.

Salman Khan: The girl I used to like has now become a grandmother

Dabangg Khan's fans have always been curious why the superstar is not getting married. Finally, the 55-year-old actor explained the reason for not getting married.

The personalities that the showbiz industry has completely changed

After stepping into the showbiz industry, ordinary personalities also became famous personalities of the Pakistan film and drama industry.

Nawal Saeed: Is Fan Of?

Emerging Pakistani actress and model Nawal Saeed joined the showbiz industry a few years ago due to her interest in art and music

Leading actress Nadia Khan got married, photos went viral on social media

Leading Pakistani actress and host Nadia Khan got married. There were reports that an engagement ceremony was also held in Islamabad.

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