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The waxing and waning of the moon can affect your sleep-Read

Seattle, USA: Science has studied the effects of the waning moon and its effects on human sleep in detail and surveyed millions of people in this regard.

Sleep enthusiasts, try these mattresses now and get a 3,000$ prize-Read

LONDON: If any of you have a real role in 'Sleeping Beauty', they could try a new mattress from a company and get a 3,000 prize.

Coronavirus to be controlled soon, WHO-Read

New York (Urdu Point newspaper latest - NNI. January 28, 2021) The World Health Organization has said that Corona will be controlled soon. We must fight the virus, not each other.

What diseases can sleep on time protect you from? Benefits Of Sleeping!

According to studies on sleep at the University of Western Ontario in London has found that experts have found the benefits of sleeping on time.

23 more deaths from Corona in Pakistan, 1629 new cases also reported

23 people have died in the country Pakistan from Corona and 1629 new cases of covid-19 have been reported.

The World Health Organization has declared Medina a healthy city

The city of Medina has met all the international standards set by the World Health Organization for a 'healthy city'.

China will provide a free consignment of corona vaccine to Pakistan-Read

BEIJING: China has announced a free batch of corona vaccine to Pakistan, saying the two countries have been working together for a long time to control the epidemic.

New type of corona virus is proving more deadly, says British PM-Read

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said a new strain of the coronavirus is causing more deaths and is spreading faster in the country.

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