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The effects of a childhood diet last a lifetime-Read

A study of rats found that the ingredients that children eat in their early stages form microbes in their stomachs and intestines. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding.

South Africa suspends coronary vaccination at Oxford University-Read

Cape Town: South Africa has announced the suspension of vaccines developed by Australasia and Oxford Universities.

Heart Attack: Common foods that increase the risk of heart attack

Processed foods are high in sugar, fat, and salt, which are considered harmful to health which cause a heart attack.

Artificial heart ready, 200 million lives could be saved

An artificial heart weighing 390 grams has been made. After successful experiments, it has been approved for transplantation in European countries.

The American company’s vaccine is also 85% effective-Read

LONDON: US biotech company Nova Vaux has announced the results of a trial of its Corona vaccine, which could provide up to 89.3% protection against the disease.

Partial success in awakening two comatose patients with ultrasound-Read

Berkeley, California: Patients in a long coma often find it very difficult to regain consciousness. However, thanks to special ultrasound, there has been a partial success in awakening two patients by activating their brain parts.

Corona vaccine is a conspiracy to reduce the population-Read

Angry protesters in the United States shut down the country's largest immunization center at Dodger Stadium, saying it was a conspiracy by the elite to reduce the vaccine population.

Special PAF plane leaves for China for Corona vaccine-Read

ISLAMABAD: A special aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force has left for China to bring the Corona vaccine.

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