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3 Soldiers killed in Iraq by Kurdish fighters-Read

ANKARA: Three Turkish soldiers were killed in a clash during an operation against Kurdish fighters in Iraq.

Turkey announces continued missile purchases from Russia despite US sanctions-Read

ANKARA: Turkey has announced that it will continue to buy missiles from Russia despite US pressure and sanctions.

Artificial heart ready, 200 million lives could be saved

An artificial heart weighing 390 grams has been made. After successful experiments, it has been approved for transplantation in European countries.

Military coup in Myanmar; Social media was blocked after public pressure-Read

All social media apps, including Facebook, were blocked during a campaign against the military coup in Myanmar.

Suspicious packet commotion: Corona vaccine plant resumes work-Read

LONDON: Work on a corona vaccine plant in the UK has resumed after a suspicious package was reported yesterday and corona vaccine production is continuing as usual.

New type of corona virus is proving more deadly, says British PM-Read

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said a new strain of the coronavirus is causing more deaths and is spreading faster in the country.

Civil society groups from 13 countries call on UN to address France’s-Read

An international alliance of 36 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) representing 13 countries has petitioned the United Nations Human Rights Council (OHCHR) about the systematic anti-Muslim actions of France.

Negative Corona reports are required for those coming to the UK from other countries, including Europe

A negative corona report has been made mandatory for those coming to the UK from other countries, including Europe, from today.

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