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PIA voluntary separation scheme -Read

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has announced a voluntary separation scheme (VSS) for its employees, including pilots and engineers, and asked them to apply for it till Dec 22.

MI 10T 5G and MI 10T PRO 5G Become Best Selling Smartphone -Read

Mi 10T Pro/Mi10T features Xiaomi's highest refresh rate screen so far! 144Hz ultra-high refresh rate can show up to 144 frames per second. The seamless screen transitions will reduce eye discomfort and dizziness especially when playing games or quickly scrolling through content.

Boris Johnson And EU Chief Seek To Break Trade Deal Deadlock -Read

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen will seek to break the deadlock over a post-Brexit trade deal on Saturday.

Waqar Zaka Once Again Speaks Against Ban On Cryptocurrency-Read

On Wednesday morning, Champions host shared a fresh video in which he asked his fans to use the power of Twitter and speak against the ban on bitcoin.

FBR Plans To take 7.4 Million Non-Filers Into Tax Net-Read

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has developed a plan to bring 7.4 million non-filers into the tax net by using the Tax-Ray portal on IRIS.

2 Pakistani firms make it to Forbes’ coveted ‘under $1bn’ list-Read

Two Pakistani companies have made it to Forbes ‘Asia’s Best Under A Billion 2020’ list.Recognising the achievement, Commerce Adviser Abdul Razak Dawood congratulated the companies for making it to the coveted list.

Today Gold Price In Pakistan, 3 December 2020-Read

Karachi: Today Gold Price in Pakistan, on 03, December 2020 are being sold for Rs. 94200 per 10 grams, and the price of Gold is Rs. 109800 per Tola in Pakistan today.

Singapore Approves sale of lab-grown meat in world first

Lab-grown chicken will soon be available in restaurants in Singapore after the country became the first to green-light meat created without slaughtering any animals.

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