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The price of a salmon in the United States has exceeded two barrels of oil-Read

Alaska: Fear of fish, prawns, and other seafood are now sterile to Americans who fear the onslaught of code 19 and coronavirus. Since then, their use has multiplied, and even the price of Alaska's famous King Salmon has exceeded the price of double a barrel of oil.

For the eighth consecutive month, remittances exceeded 2 billion-Read

ISLAMABAD / KARACHI: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that remittances worth 2 2.27 billion were remitted by Pakistanis abroad in one month and this is the eighth consecutive month in which remittances have exceeded 2 2 billion.

The dollar’s natural level hit a three-month low on the interbank market on Saturday-Read

KARACHI: The dollar and Saudi riyal depreciated in both the foreign exchange markets last week, while the euro and the pound appreciated.

Decision to restore Musa Express from Lahore to Multan-Read

LAHORE: Railways has decided to resume Musa Pak Express between Lahore and Multan from February 15.

Rising electricity prices for the second day put a burden of Rs 84 billion-Read

National Electricity Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has approved a further increase in electricity prices by 83 paisa per unit.

The future of money is Litecoin(LTC) invest with bucks-Read

Litecoin powers billions of dollars worth of trade all over the world daily. Decentralized commerce empowers customers and businesses at all levels to transact without intermediaries.

The foundation of digital future ETHEREUM-Read

Ethereum is a technology that lets you send cryptocurrency to anyone for a small fee. It also powers applications that everyone can use and no one can takedown.

World’s better solution for crypto mining Pi Network-Read

Currently, our everyday financial transactions rely upon a trusted third party to maintain a record of transactions. For example, when you do a bank transaction, the banking system keeps a record & guarantees that the transaction is safe & reliable.

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