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China has acknowledged the deaths of its troops in clashes with India-Read

BEIJING: China has admitted for the first time that four of its soldiers were killed in a clash with India in the Gulwan Valley last year.

Muhammad Ali Sadpara’s son confirmed his father’s death-Read

Skardu: Sajid Sadpara, son of renowned mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara, has confirmed his father's death.

Explosion in Indian state of West Bengal, Minister Zakir Hussain injured-Read

West Bengal: A bomb blast in West Bengal has injured three people, including the Minister of State for Labor Zakir Hussain.

India, a nurse robbed an elderly couple with a fake corona vaccine-Read

Hyderabad Deccan: In the Indian state of Hyderabad, a nurse robbed an elderly couple by injecting them with anesthetic instead of the corona vaccine.

Modi is a coward, Rahul Gandhi said-Read

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has termed Narendra Modi a coward and said that the Prime Minister does not have the courage to respond to China.

Four security and four government officials were killed-Read

KABUL: Four security personnel and four government officials have been killed in two separate incidents in Afghanistan.

Clashes between army and ISIS fighters in Syria, 37 killed-Read

Damascus: In Syria, ISIS fighters attacked a military convoy, after which a total of 34 people were killed and several wounded in the bilateral firing.

Taliban attack on Afghan military check post kills 16-Read

Sixteen security personnel were killed in an attack by Taliban militants in Afghanistan, while the attackers took two personnel hostage and took government weapons with them as they left.

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