Azfar Rehman apologized for the statement of harassment by women-Read

Karachi: Actor Azfar Rehman has apologized for his statement of harassment by women.

Explaining his statement in a post on Instagram, Azfar Rehman said that in an interview three years ago, I had detailed about harassment and sexual harassment, what kind of trouble I faced in my early days as an actor Had to

Azfar Rehman said that the kind of harassment I faced included ignoring, showing influence, humiliating and bullying and all these measures do not fall under the category of sexual harassment.

I would like to make it clear that I did not use the word sexual harassment in a recent interview. It is important to note that harassment does not mean just sexual harassment at all because both words The meanings are different. Therefore, social media users should understand the difference between harassment and sexual harassment.

Azfar Rehman said that I used to respect women then and I still do today but I also know that good and bad people are everywhere. But even so, I apologize if my statement has hurt anyone’s feelings.

It should be noted that Azfar Rehman in an interview a few days ago fully supported the Metoo campaign and said that in the past I was also harassed by several female colleagues but I do not want to name them.

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