Ayesha Omar: Not encouraging women to wear short dresses

In this age of social media, showbiz personalities and especially women are constantly being criticized for one reason or another.

And recently, the same thing happened with actress Ayesha Omar, when she wore a unique dress for the Virtual Ceremony of Lux Style Awards on the closing day of the year 2020.

The Lux Style Awards 2020 ceremony was held virtually this time because of Corona and the red carpet style of other women including Ayesha Omar was also shown in the ceremony.

Ayesha Omar later shared a photo of her dress on Instagram and said that the dress was given to her as a gift by two new girls who have stepped into the world of fashion.

Sharing a short video with the dress, Ayesha Omar described the year 2020 as a unique year and wrote that many people lost their loved ones in it and many people stayed away from their loved ones due to illness while many people lost their jobs. It’s over.

After the video was shared by the actress, she was criticized for wearing bold clothes and was accused of encouraging women to wear shorts.

Commenting on her post, a fan accused the actress of encouraging women to show off her body by wearing bold clothes and this process is being linked to women’s autonomy.

In a detailed response to the fan’s comment, Ayesha Omar denied the allegation and wrote that she was not encouraging women to wear shorts nor was she telling women what they should wear.

The actress replied to the critical fan that women want to know what kind of dress they want to wear and they also wear this dress as per their choice, this should not be a problem for others.

The actress explained on the bold dress that the dress was sent to her by two unknown women, who contacted her in June 2020 and took only the size of the dress from her, but when she found the dress, it was as seen in the video.

She clarified that she did not wear this dress for the sake of money and said the dress is not a part of any advertisement.

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