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LOC Ceasefire Agreement, Possibility of resumption of trade with India-Read

ISLAMABAD: After the ceasefire agreement on the Line of Control (LoC), the prospects for a gradual resumption of trade relations with India have been raised.

Does eating eggs really raise cholesterol?-Read

New York: Eating eggs is often said to raise cholesterol, which in turn raises the risk of high blood pressure and various heart diseases, but serious scientific research so far has shown no evidence to support this claim.

A recent post about Amitabh’s health caused a wave of concern among fans-Read

Mumbai: Legendary Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan's recent post has upset fans.

No problem with T20 World Cup in India: PCB chairman-Read

Lahore: Chairman PCB Ehsan Mani has said that T20 World Cup in India is not a problem so visas and security should be assured.

US approves 19 19 trillion Corona aid package-Read

Washington: The US House of Representatives has approved the 19 19 trillion Corona aid package of the new US President Joe Biden.

Exercise can reduce the severity and pain of migraines-Read

WASHINGTON: There are countless benefits to exercising, and the latest news from the University of Washington is that exercise can reduce migraine attacks and reduce their severity.

Noman Ijaz spoke about the public’s criticism of his son into the industry-Read

Karachi: Actor Noman Ijaz says that our people do not know the meaning of kinship, my son has not come to showbiz yet and he is being discouraged.

February 27, 2019 Two years later, Nandan’s important statement came to light-Read

ISLAMABAD: On the completion of two years of Pak-India stand-off, Indian pilot Nandan's important statement has just come to light.

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