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Even a 5% weight loss can prevent diabetes, research shows-Read

Illinois: Extensive research in the United States has found that a mere 5% weight loss can greatly reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

The woman who beat cancer, is now ready to become an astronaut-Read

Texas: Brave girl Haley Arsenal is now ready to become the youngest astronaut to go into space from a private company. He is currently a medical assistant at St. Jude's Hospital.

Imran Hashmi called Bollywood a ‘fake industry’-Read

Mumbai: Actor Imran Hashmi, who has played a bold role in Bollywood, says that Bollywood is a fake industry.

European countries warn Iran to cooperate with international nuclear energy-Read

Germany, France, and Britain have warned Iran to refrain from violating the global nuclear deal or face sanctions.

Russia’s efforts for peace in Afghanistan, Pakistan will attend the Moscow summit-Read

ISLAMABAD: Russia has also begun efforts to bring peace to Afghanistan after a stalemate in the implementation of the Doha agreement between the United States and the Taliban.

Counterfeit Corona vaccine smuggler arrested in China-Read

BEIJING (Reuters) - A ringleader of a group smuggling salt-coated mineral water corona vaccine has been arrested in China.

People focus on the real issues instead of my body, Amna Ilyas-Read

KARACHI: Actress Amna Ilyas has rejected public criticism after bold pictures came to light and said that people should focus on real issues instead of my body.

Pfizer’s corona vaccine begins trial on pregnant women-Read

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US pharmaceutical company Pfizer and German technology company BioNTech have begun trials of the corona vaccine in pregnant women.

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