Attack on military check post and bank vehicle in Afghanistan-Read

KABUL: Taliban militants stormed a military checkpoint in Afghanistan, killing six security personnel and wounding four others, while an attack on a National Bank vehicle killed three people.

According to the international news agency, Taliban fighters on motorcycles attacked a military check post in Herat province of Afghanistan.

An Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman claimed that security forces thwarted the Taliban attack and forced the militants to retreat. In retaliation, more than 10 militants were killed.

The Taliban, on the other hand, says only Afghan soldiers were killed in the attack. We did not suffer any loss of life or property. After the successful operation, the Afghan army’s weapons and vehicles were also seized.

Meanwhile, armed men indiscriminately opened fire on a National Bank vehicle in the capital Kabul, killing three people, including the bank manager, and injuring a passerby.

It should be noted that peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban are underway in the Qatari capital, which has not yet reached any conclusion, and the two sides continue to use violence against each other.

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